Without stress: how to turn a job search into a game?

Without stress: how to turn a job search into a game?

Regardless of whether you are a student, graduate or a person with vast work experience, finding a job is a difficult task for everyone. The topic of finding a job and going through all the stages is one of the most popular: you can find millions of articles on the web, but we will not retell them here. To begin, let’s look at the attitude towards job search. As a rule, this is super-stress, the possibility of which is so frightening that many do not dare to find the job of their dreams … And in vain! Today we will try to show that everything is not so scary and much depends on the mood, desire and perception. And also share the chips that they themselves have used more than once.

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There is no doubt that the job search itself is a full-fledged job in itself. Every day is a recurring, debilitating, and, worst of all, sometimes absolutely futile process.

It seems that you are walking in a vicious circle? We offer to go back one step, rethink and look at a different angle on the whole process.

To be easier

Firstly, there is no need to overly dramatize. Think of the process itself as a game, for example, Monopoly. Your task is to properly dispose of the current capital (skills) and put together an empire (dream career), leaving the rest of the players (candidates) behind you. As in the game, strategy plays an important role in job search. Think about what your priority is right now – make money, get your first experience, find a couple :)) Great, you found the answer to this question!

Next, imagine who and where you work in your ideal world in 5-10 years. Combining the answers to these two questions, the picture is formed, although still not clear enough.

Maximum information

Career events at ITMO University

Step Two Find out everything you can about your chosen profession: which companies you may be potentially interested in, industries, areas and development opportunities, a salary “plug”. And most importantly, talk to those who are already doing this work. In the modern world, it’s not at all a problem to find a mentor in a particular profession. There are entire sites devoted to this kind of networking ( ITMO Mentors Program , ResumUP ). You will be able to more clearly understand whether this is true in which you would like to develop, or it makes sense to return to step number one. Lecturer at ITMO University Natalia Khokhlova talks about networking .


Step Three Are you full of determination and think you have found the work of your life? It’s time to work on self-presentation. Think about how you stand out from the gigantic number of other candidates, why the company should choose you. You must “sell” yourself in such a way that the employer wonders: “How did I even manage without this genius before?”


Step Four Create a resume that will show you the best side. A competent, catchy and original resume significantly increases the applicant’s chances of finding a dream job.

Especially for you, the Career Center recently made a selection of the best resume design sites, use it!

Career events at ITMO University

Monitoring and visibility

Step Five Register on all possible sites that post vacancies, subscribe to telegram channels with selections by your occupation, and, of course, do not forget to monitor the sites of those companies that you would like to get into first. They regularly post all relevant information on the selection of employees in the team. If the company is really cool, aggregators of vacancies and internships may simply not be of interest to her, people are already lining up to get to them.

Job interview

As a rule, the interview is the most stressful stage. Many are afraid of such close attention to their person. All these strange and repetitive questions. But there is good news! Most of the questions asked at the interview are on the Internet, and there are even recommended answers to them. But we advise you not to memorize other people’s answers, but to think through your own. If you need to do something that makes you nervous, try to prepare as best as possible … and then a little better. Take the time and energy.

Lecturer at ITMO University Natalia Khokhlova talks about the main stages of the interview .

And just recently, ITMO career consultant Olga Poldner held a webinar for our students on the topic of online interviews . Look, there is surely some good advice to help you succeed.

Career events at ITMO University

And, of course, you can sign up for a career ITMO career consultant, professional. Who is a career consultant? This is an employment consultant who advises, trains, provides information and supports people who plan, seek and manage their career and life / work direction. It will help to comprehend the current situation, support, give relevant information about the labor market, salaries, companies, stages. And he will tell you how to look for work. Chief Financial Officer, Senior iOS Developer, Robot Engineer – anyone – is not required to be able to look for work. Where to place a resume, how to write cover letters – there are professionals for all this .

Passed all the stages? Fine! In the finals, you fell into a dream company … Or not 🙂 This also happens, but don’t be upset, because this is a game, in order to win in which you sometimes only need to make small changes to the strategy! Remember that a person can do anything. It takes effort and time. Everything will work out!

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