What is so difficult about craeating online courses?

What is so difficult about creating online courses?

As someone who currently creates online course content for a living, I feel I can speak to the present topic.

Let us say that you simply sit right down to watch a 10 to 15 minute online instructional video that has PowerPoint slides and a hands-on walkthrough/demo. When the editing is completed well, it gives the impression that the trainer recorded the video in “one shot”. And on top of that, you will think that the trainer just sat down, decided in their head what they need to demo, hit record, “one shot” it, then done. I will not to be guilty of this type of thinking.

Creating a 10 to 15 min video can take you all day. First you would like to decide what you would like to show, create/test the hand-on walkthrough, prepare PowerPoint slides, and maybe write a script. Once you begin to record, Murphy’s law takes effect (if something can fail, it will). you will click on a wrong link within the video, a page might not load, you will stutter or mispronounce a word. This mean you want to redo sections or re-record audio. So, for that 10 min video, you will have 20–30 min of raw video. Then the editing starts, as you want to hamper the 20–30 minutes of raw video into that 10-minute finished product.

Now imagine if you had to make an entire course (not only one video). you will spend weeks preparing lesson plans, creating a narrative to tie each video together, and ensuring you have got all the topics covered. this is often all before you even start to record and edit.

I hope this may help!

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