What do WeChat and Aliexpress have in common

In China, the two most famous Ma. One is Jack, the founder of Alibaba. Pony owns the world’s largest distributor of online games Tencent: talk about such hits as League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many others. And Pony Ma founded the WeChat super application, with which the Chinese communicate, pay for goods and services, play video games, order taxis and tables in restaurants.

Ponies and Jack Ma are constantly changing places on the list of the richest Chinese. In March last year, Pony was the first in the Forbes world ranking, Jack was the next. In November, Jack was in the lead, Pony followed him. On May 14, Forbes announced that Ma had again castled. And, according to estimates on June 28, Pony’s fortune is $ 54 billion, Jack’s is $ 43.3 billion.

Their companies perforce collide in one or the other market. While each is strong in its field. Pony Ma back in 2005 launched Aliexpress rival – Paipai.com. But according to Fast Company magazine, it never occupied more than 10% of the market in China. Jack Ma, in turn, repeatedly tried to enter the messenger market, but his Laiwang and DingTalk were not particularly successful.

The new Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen was designed by the American company NBBJ, among its customers – Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Samsung / Tencent

Horse surname

Pony Ma is no Pony, just like Jack Ma is no Jack. They took these names to make it easier to communicate with Western investors. The founder of Alibaba is known for his eccentric behavior: he sings on stage, challenges boxers to fight, holds massive weddings. But the English name chose unremarkable. The founder of Tencent is secretive, does not like publicity, but chose a middle name with humor. Last name Ma in Chinese means “horse”, and here Ma Huaten decided to become a Pony for foreigners.

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