The corona pandemic requires a switch to digital marketing

Shops, kiosks, restaurants and many other facilities have not been allowed to open since the measures against the spread of the corona virus. Even slight easing of these strict conditions will only make little progress in terms of the desired sales for 2020. The corona pandemic enabled companies and the self-employed to draw numerous conclusions for the future. The importance of a digitized way of working will be remembered.
If you have not yet switched to digital marketing, this crisis gives you reason to rethink at the latest. Digital marketing offers numerous, multifaceted strategies to promote your company, your products and services away from old-fashioned shop windows or flyers in the pedestrian zone. Take a look at the methods to find one that fits your concept perfectly.

The go-ahead for digitization: your professional website

The basis of a successful website can be found in a professional website. What used to be the business card is now the website . This platform gives you the opportunity to present to customers what to expect when shopping in your shop, placing an order in your restaurant or using your service. The website gives the customer the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information beforehand and thus build a familiar basis with you. It is important to decorate the website with all relevant information, not to overload it and to leave a contact option. A telephone number and an e-mail address make it possible to get in touch with you directly if you have any questions.

Make sure to design the website with significantly more image than text material. Many customers want a clear overview, just want to read key words or short, concise introductory texts. Images can prevent an unnecessary amount of words.

Content marketing using SEO

But even the best website is of no use to you if customers cannot find it.

Therefore, you should rely on SEO specialists, such as Hamed Farhadian from Hamburg. If you search for ” SEO Hamburg “, for example , you will often find your name and the associated website, in which the topic of search engine optimization is dealt with in great detail. In addition to the creation of texts that take up special keywords and thus increase the findability in common search engines such as, the service provider offers you the opportunity to get to know your customers better. What keywords do people search for when they want to find your products? What questions do searchers ask on Google to use your service?
The more targeted your website texts are to these search queries, the faster you can win new customers.

Use social media

In today’s world, marketing can no longer live without social media. Hardly a successful product, service provider or company does not have at least one account with one of the common social media. For business contacts you should use XING and / or LinkedIN. These platforms enable you to make contact with other companies, negotiate cooperations and take a closer look at their website. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are ideal for connecting to the end consumer. There you create a profile on which you present content at regular intervals. This does not always have to be an innovation in the inventory or in your business. Rather, you should use the platforms to enter into a very special exchange with your customers. Are there any requests for improvement? Would your customers like to express praise or criticism? Your social media account makes you a tactile counterpart for customers who want communication.

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