Social media & Co: How to increase your online visibility

Mediators can use the current corona crisis period to think about their websites and social media sites. Expert MarKo Petersohn reveals what is important now.

The corona pandemic is currently forcing the majority of brokers to move personal customer exchanges online. This makes the current crisis an opportunity to deal with your own digital competence – and to put your virtual presence to the test. Digital consultant MarKo Peterson, founder of “As in the sleeve” and co-founder of the online marketing company for insurance intermediaries (OMGV), sees this as an opportunity: “Anyone who previously had concerns or did not have enough time to expand their online presence is now forced to give priority to this set. “And that could be worthwhile.

A well-considered approach is important. To be digitally visible, you should first take a close look at your own homepage. Because that is the business card of an intermediary. Petersohn repeatedly observes that brokers are concerned about advertising campaigns on Facebook, but not about what happens when the customer lands on the homepage. Often these are pages from the early 2000s that are not even optimized for mobile use.

This is what the ideal homepage looks like

The top priority: The website should be as clear as possible, easy to find and navigate – and also work on a smartphone. “Ease of use is more important than anything else,” emphasizes Petersohn. And: please no text deserts! “On the first page, I shouldn’t report excessively on developments in the BU market – nobody wants to read that here. People come to the homepage because they want to get in touch with me. “And that should be made as easy as possible for them.

So what belongs on the homepage of your own domain? In any case, a photo and a personal introduction – also here: please no essay, but a short presentation, which in the best case is tailored to your own specialties. Then details are also welcome: “If I focus on insurance products for pets, it is definitely relevant which dog I own and what his name is.”

Most importantly, the contact details should be seen at first glance. Petersohn also advises that positive reviews and quotes from customers be shown on the homepage.

You should also optimize the findability of your own page. For this you should deal with SEO (search engine optimization), which ensures that your own website is better found on Google. However, and the expert expressly points this out, this involves some effort. Which is why he is also recommended to laypersons for advice from professionals in the insurance industry.

Special offers such as an integrated blog, on which the broker publishes content-related articles, can be a plus. But this only applies to those who enjoy it and are a good writer. “Who speaks better than writes can offer a podcast , for example , and those who have a passion for video production should include YouTube clips,” recommends Petersohn.

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