SEO for brokers: How customers find your website

If you’re a broker at the top of Google search results, you can count on numerous customer inquiries. At an online congress, SEO expert Alexander Hacker revealed how brokers can improve their visibility with simple means.

By observing the 3 SEO lighthouses, brokers can land higher on Google search results and receive more customer inquiries. Image: Pixabay

“From a population of 50,000 in your city, brokers should definitely take care of SEO”, Alexander Hacker is convinced. As an insurance broker, he has benefited from search engine optimization (SEO) for around 10 years and also gives coaching and lectures. For example yesterday at the online conference of insurers Dela and “die Bayerische”.

Ultimately, SEO is about being at the top of Google. “Other search engines are almost irrelevant,” emphasized Hacker. The goal must be a place in the first three results on page one, in big cities the first five results is his clear target. Only then would some of the consumers who were looking for brokers in the area on the Internet also approach those brokers. “The zero line begins at position 6. Maybe someone will get in touch with you in three years’ time, Hacker explained to the audience in the webinar.

Achieve a lot with simple means

In addition to Google Business ads, which are at the top of certain search entries but cost the broker money with every click, you can also improve your visibility with the world’s largest search engine with simple means. Because Google scans the website according to certain criteria and uses it to create its ranking lists. The expert considers three aspects to be essential, which he describes as beacons of search engine optimization.

A broker’s website should explain at first glance what it is about. It should be possible to find personal information about the agent himself. Accessibility for customers is also important, ie the channels including telephone number, e-mail address or screen name and are also happy to name them “opening times”. “Such contact details should be the same everywhere. This also increases the visibility of the Google Business account, which brokers should definitely set up, ”said Hacker.

Technical SEO
Here Google measures certain technical aspects of the website, which also determine whether the search results are placed. These include, for example, the conversion of your own website to https, an optimized view of the website for mobile devices (responsive design), and high loading speed of the page (server conversion).

This is about backlinks. If these are available, they increase visibility. There are internal and external backlinks. The broker sets internal ones. For example, he has information on the subject of home contents insurance and homeowners insurance on his website and links them to each other. External backlinks mean that other websites link to the brokers.

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