Everest PEAK Matrix RPA: Another Monday is “Major Contender”!

In the recently published “PEAK Matrix  Robotic Process Automation” by Everest Group, Another Monday was classified as a “Major Contender”. In the fourth edition of the report, the Everest Group summarizes not only the individual providers but also some current developments in the RPA market, which every user should be aware of. We took a closer look at the report and summarized the most important points for you.

In addition to the overview of the general market, the Everest Group identifies a slow transformation of the usual payment models. Many providers are moving away from rigid license models towards usage-based billing , for example per robot minute or per successful transaction. This flexibility is made possible by the increasing maturity of the market and advances in RPA technology. At Another Monday, usage-based models have always been the basis of our payment model.

New technologies and increasing demand

The technical possibilities of many applications are constantly evolving. Computer vision, independent workflow management, intelligent and automatic workload balancing, as well as the option of automatically scaling when demand increases, have become the basic functions of every tool. These new features increasingly help companies achieve their strategic goals more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Due to the increasing sophistication of the individual solutions, RPA and RDA continue to enjoy increasing demand. Thanks to the simplification of the development through no-code solutions, the application of robotic process automation by the respective specialist area is also a desirable application.

Another Monday in the Everest PEAK Matrix ™

Another Monday was also analyzed by the Everest Group and classified as a “Major Contender”. The positioning in the “Vision & Capability” area stands out on the two axes of the matrix. The Everest Group praises our expertise in implementing scalable RPA solutions quickly and professionally, as well as our view of RPA as a complement to the human workforce. Another contribution to this is made by our new tool, the ” AM Muse “, which radically simplifies process documentation and thus significantly reduces the effort required for many RPA implementations.

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