Corona Virus – Effects and Opportunities for Businesses

On the one hand, the coronavirus “Covid 19” is pushing some companies to their limits and therefore requires the active commitment of management. On the other hand, there are also companies that benefit from this crisis. In today’s post, we present you with opportunities and ideas on how you can use social media to maintain communication with customers and employees despite the current crisis.

By the ever-increasing digitalization and networking in the economy arising newly -like e opportunities and strategies  the consequences intercept such a pandemic and economic processes on the World Wide Web  to relocate. Web conferencing and home office are more important than ever. Because of Corona pandemic change in Germany entire company into Home O ffice .    

# The effects of “Covid 19”

In the current situation, there are companies that  are particularly profiting from the crisis. However, there are companies,  the  prior particularly strong s and are unprecedented challengesFor example,  benefit  esundheitliche- and hygiene product , as well as non-perishable foods particularly  well  The shelves in the drug markets  as well as  the  food retailer may these days even  partially completely  empty  his . W ohingegen companies that receive from China with an online and direct distribution which goods,  with  a long delivery times ,  delivery bottlenecks to  complete delivery failures must be expected.   

But the service sector is also struggling during the crisis. Here are  among other  Security – Companies  affected , the Mitarbei for football matches, put ter fairs or concerts  Hairdressers that  due to the arranged home quarantine any more customers to the salons  get or remedies yield to , such as treatment centers,  which account for the patient Also affected  gyms ,  which due to the high risk of infection  are forced to close . These examples alone illustrate the special situation and the changing consumer behavior of customers. 

Covid 19th

However, Deputy en  itself  for companies  the question currently how I stay for my clients present W ie  can  I my clients  continue to offer my services ? Or  how  do I manage to minimize the economic consequences for my company?    

Now  it’s  particularly  important to show presence on social networks! Many of the customers are at home and  spend time in  social networks n . Whether Facebook, Instagram ,  Xing  or even YouTube  – this  varies depending on the target group  very much . This  gives  them the opportunity to position themselves  online, for example on social networks  , to inform and support their customers .     

The  social media  offer  many different ways. By way of example  we want  options  using a gym  to show: An EMS Studio from the  Sauerland with  locations in  Brilon, Meschede Warstein and has a variety  of  customers who  currently  do not the  option  have i n the  studio s  to train . 

The EMS Studio  takes advantage of the  opportunity and  continues for its  customers  because by summarily training on social media  have moved  and every day  ei new  video about a ” Home -W orkout” high load !   

In this way, advised customers on the one hand not I n  match fitness ,  they  remain at their current level and  can as soon as possible after this difficult time  returning to everyday life  and such to others is thereby customer loyalty strengthened,  because members have to follow the social media channels to  always  stay up- to- date.  

Customer contact is of the utmost importance in the current situation. Because  as this indicates that no one is alone and all  together  this stage  defy . 

Au ch communication platforms such as ” Microsoft teams” which  contact with each other within the company  allows and  facilitates  or ” 3CX -Telefonsystem”, which  the customer contact  the Home Office  maintains,  play currently  a very important role. However, these also sometimes reach their limits in the very Internet-related time.      

# Conclusion

In order to maintain  or even improve your positive image in this difficult time  , you should not neglect social media! Furthermore   everyone should try to digitize as best as possible, no matter in which area, in order to largely maintain the economy and customer contact ! As  endangered  stationary  trading  time is at least now  come  online  right to take action by means of social media or  a m  online store ! 

If you are wondering how you can best position yourself online in this crisis, we are at your disposal from the home office. 

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