10 Advantages of ELearning in Education

Many medium-sized companies are currently faced with the challenge of dealing with the topic of e-learning. This applies to all industries that are affected by digitalization – from mechanical engineering to medical device manufacturers. Non-manufacturing companies such as clinics and hospitals also open themselves to this topic, because here too, digitization is moving in under keywords such as Hospital 4.0, telemedicine, electronic patient files, etc. Digitalization means that there is a need for training in all areas to make employees fit and to use the new opportunities efficiently and effectively. Training is more of a process than a one-off event because software is updated frequently and interface issues play an important role. Here, e-learning can play out its greatest advantage, namely permanent availability. But especially in the health sector, it is also about training managers, because in the next few years investment decisions in the billions for digitalization will have to be made. At the same time, management teams in clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities will guide digital work. Digital education can play an important role in the organization of digital change processes. Here is an overview of the most important advantages: The 10 most important advantages at a glance The following arguments relate to more effective …

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RPA for energy suppliers: Stadtwerke Neuss and develop an RPA solution

In cooperation with Stadtwerke Neuss (SWN), Another Monday has developed a customized RPA solution. Thanks to modern, robot-controlled process automation, human intervention when changing the counter becomes virtually redundant. In order to be able to correctly bill the energy consumption of their customers, energy suppliers juggle daily with numerous data records in different systems. To keep complexity and costs low, labor-intensive processes such as changing electricity meters are often outsourced to external service providers. Because the manual preparation of the relevant data from logs, the creation of counters in the supplier’s ERP system and the final change are real time wasters and cost drivers at the same time. Systems from energy suppliers are made for automation Counter changes pull a rat tail of administration behind it. This is partly due to the fact that this is not a one-off measure per customer. The correct calibration of an electricity meter can only be guaranteed for a certain period of time, which is why the meters must be replaced at regular intervals. Stadtwerke Neuss has so far outsourced this to a service provider who took care of changing the meter on site at the customer and transmitted all relevant data to the Stadtwerke. This was done in XML format, …

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Artificial Intelligence model to detect COVID-19 from X-rays within seconds

A new Artificial Intelligence model has been introduced to detect coronavirus infection by examining CT scan reports of patients’ lungs within seconds without any testing, US-based magazine The Scientist reported. Amid the pandemic outbreak, where coronavirus testing has been identified as critical by governments and health authorities across the world, new technologies are enabling health professionals to detect the disease in minimum time. According to a report, an AI was fed 532,000 CT scans from 3,777 patients to look for coronavirus traits in lungs in China. Using this AI model, hospitals in China were able to correctly diagnose patients with coronavirus 85% of the time. The AI will also allow health authorities to implement contact tracing with a high degree of accuracy, limiting the spread of the virus; it will also helps governments to know when it is the right time to ease lockdown measures. With this new development, accurately diagnosing coronavirus pneumonia will allow health professionals to tailor treatment to the virus.

Corona Virus – Effects and Opportunities for Businesses

On the one hand, the coronavirus “Covid 19” is pushing some companies to their limits and therefore requires the active commitment of management. On the other hand, there are also companies that benefit from this crisis. In today’s post, we present you with opportunities and ideas on how you can use social media to maintain communication with customers and employees despite the current crisis. By the ever-increasing digitalization and networking in the economy arising newly -like e opportunities and strategies ,  the consequences intercept such a pandemic and economic processes on the World Wide Web  to relocate. Web conferencing and home office are more important than ever. Because of Corona pandemic change in Germany entire company into Home O ffice .     # The effects of “Covid 19” In the current situation, there are companies that  are particularly profiting from the crisis. However, there are companies,  the  prior particularly strong s and are unprecedented challenges. For example,  benefit  G esundheitliche- and hygiene product s , as well as non-perishable foods particularly  well .  The shelves in the drug markets ,  as well as  the  food retailer , may these days even  partially completely  empty  his . W ohingegen companies that receive from China with an online and direct distribution which goods,  with  a long n delivery times ,  delivery bottlenecks to  complete delivery failures must be expected.    But the service sector is also struggling during the crisis. Here are  among other  Security – Companies  affected , the Mitarbei for football matches, put ter fairs or concerts .  Hairdressers that  due to the …

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4 SEO tips: This is how brokers are at the top of Google

Online search engines are powerful, especially Google. A position in the front can quickly mean an increase in sales. We asked the SEO expert from media work berlin how brokers can do this. With his search engine tips, brokers have the chance to get a big slice of the pie: SEO expert Marcus Krautkrämer from the consulting company media work berlin. Image: media work berlin Everyone speaks of SEO (search engine optimization) or search engine optimization. Why is it so important? A large number of people nowadays find out about products and services on the Internet. The first point of contact for many is Google. But how do people find my offer on Google? After all, there are tens of thousands of competitors on the market. SEO is basically about positioning your website and the underlying products and services as presently and as long-term as possible in the Google search results, without having to invest a cent advertising budget. Present means that the website is listed among the top ten results for frequently searched keywords. Of all the online marketing measures, I think SEO is the most efficient. In contrast to paid advertising, such as ad banners, which are both expensive and usually intrusive, you catch potential customers …

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SEO for brokers: How customers find your website

If you’re a broker at the top of Google search results, you can count on numerous customer inquiries. At an online congress, SEO expert Alexander Hacker revealed how brokers can improve their visibility with simple means. By observing the 3 SEO lighthouses, brokers can land higher on Google search results and receive more customer inquiries. Image: Pixabay “From a population of 50,000 in your city, brokers should definitely take care of SEO”, Alexander Hacker is convinced. As an insurance broker, he has benefited from search engine optimization (SEO) for around 10 years and also gives coaching and lectures. For example yesterday at the online conference of insurers Dela and “die Bayerische”. Ultimately, SEO is about being at the top of Google. “Other search engines are almost irrelevant,” emphasized Hacker. The goal must be a place in the first three results on page one, in big cities the first five results is his clear target. Only then would some of the consumers who were looking for brokers in the area on the Internet also approach those brokers. “The zero line begins at position 6. Maybe someone will get in touch with you in three years’ time, Hacker explained to the audience in the webinar. Achieve a lot with …

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Social media & Co: How to increase your online visibility

Mediators can use the current corona crisis period to think about their websites and social media sites. Expert MarKo Petersohn reveals what is important now. The corona pandemic is currently forcing the majority of brokers to move personal customer exchanges online. This makes the current crisis an opportunity to deal with your own digital competence – and to put your virtual presence to the test. Digital consultant MarKo Peterson, founder of “As in the sleeve” and co-founder of the online marketing company for insurance intermediaries (OMGV), sees this as an opportunity: “Anyone who previously had concerns or did not have enough time to expand their online presence is now forced to give priority to this set. “And that could be worthwhile. A well-considered approach is important. To be digitally visible, you should first take a close look at your own homepage. Because that is the business card of an intermediary. Petersohn repeatedly observes that brokers are concerned about advertising campaigns on Facebook, but not about what happens when the customer lands on the homepage. Often these are pages from the early 2000s that are not even optimized for mobile use. This is what the ideal homepage looks like The top priority: The website should be …

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The corona pandemic requires a switch to digital marketing

Shops, kiosks, restaurants and many other facilities have not been allowed to open since the measures against the spread of the corona virus. Even slight easing of these strict conditions will only make little progress in terms of the desired sales for 2020. The corona pandemic enabled companies and the self-employed to draw numerous conclusions for the future. The importance of a digitized way of working will be remembered. If you have not yet switched to digital marketing, this crisis gives you reason to rethink at the latest. Digital marketing offers numerous, multifaceted strategies to promote your company, your products and services away from old-fashioned shop windows or flyers in the pedestrian zone. Take a look at the methods to find one that fits your concept perfectly. The go-ahead for digitization: your professional website The basis of a successful website can be found in a professional website. What used to be the business card is now the website . This platform gives you the opportunity to present to customers what to expect when shopping in your shop, placing an order in your restaurant or using your service. The website gives the customer the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information beforehand and thus build a familiar basis with you. It is important to …

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Digital crisis communication using the example of “Corona”

The current situation is new and unfamiliar. It came as a surprise. And now calls for quick action in order to emerge from the crisis stronger. For many companies, it is an endurance test: has economic activity been carried out in recent years? Do you act flexibly and can you turn the previous strategy through 360 °? Do you communicate neutrally, calmly and clearly even in times of crisis? In this article I would like to talk about digital crisis communication using examples. Because if you optimize your content now and find the right wording, you can emerge from the crisis stronger and benefit from new organic rankings. A new focus needs to be found, with topics that are now relevant. But a rebound strategy should also not be missing to competently counter the rush after the crisis. Let’s start with current figures that show the changes in digital marketing. Insights – Effects of Corona on Digital Marketing The behavior of people has changed within a very short time. Because of the exit restrictions, we all spend more time at home. More time to deal with ourselves. Or how to spend your free time again after lifting the exit restrictions. With this change, Internet use has also experienced an enormous boost – so strong …

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The uncertainty surrounding the corona virus has a global impact. Countries are responding with strict travel bans to prevent the virus from spreading. The tourism sector in particular is badly affected by the crisis. With travel blocks, bookings in the hotel industry decrease and sales drop dramatically. Unfortunately, the situation does not only affect current reservations. Rather, the uncertainty of people around the world is evident in the absence of long-term bookings. How should a tourism provider react to the unusual travel and booking behavior? In this article, Audience Serv summarizes 10 marketing tips for hoteliers that will help overcome the corona crisis in the tourism sector. TIP 1: MAINTAIN YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE The current situation is uncertain and is putting the travel industry to the test. It is important that hotels preserve your image and continue to promote your hospitality. Use your website to present your hotel operations cleanly, safely and comfortably. Support this picture by pointing out the strict adherence to cleaning, disinfection and health guidelines. Clear and transparent communication with customers is important. Point out the current difficulties honestly and explain to your guests how you react to the situation. For example, show that your trained staff takes the special security guidelines very seriously. TIP 2: TARGET CLIENTS In …


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