Artificial Intelligence model to detect COVID-19 from X-rays within seconds

A new Artificial Intelligence model has been introduced to detect coronavirus infection by examining CT scan reports of patients’ lungs within seconds without any testing, US-based magazine The Scientist reported.

Amid the pandemic outbreak, where coronavirus testing has been identified as critical by governments and health authorities across the world, new technologies are enabling health professionals to detect the disease in minimum time.

According to a report, an AI was fed 532,000 CT scans from 3,777 patients to look for coronavirus traits in lungs in China. Using this AI model, hospitals in China were able to correctly diagnose patients with coronavirus 85% of the time.

The AI will also allow health authorities to implement contact tracing with a high degree of accuracy, limiting the spread of the virus; it will also helps governments to know when it is the right time to ease lockdown measures.

With this new development, accurately diagnosing coronavirus pneumonia will allow health professionals to tailor treatment to the virus.

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