e-Global Expertise is to bridge professional instructors, trainers or people with passion in teaching or sharing theirs knowledges, experiences or expertises thru this platform. It is a website that is dedicated to teaching students the various aspects of Personal, Leadership and Tech Mastery. This is where online educational opportunities are curated and delivered effectively. Students can sign up to take courses on a variety of subjects that are offered, and are designed to give students access to online learning and even internet-based certification programs. For each subject that students wish to master, they go through a variety of online tutorials, take tests, and ultimately complete each course. Students can take a final check to prove their mastery and receive a certificate of completion.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone in the world has easy access to learning and development programs that are practical, skills-based and affordable.

Our Mission

  1. Provide accessible, strategic and creative learning solutions to persons and organizations
  2. Optimize individuals and organizations potentials through quality learning and developments initiatives
  3. Pursue a win-win approach in our partnership with clients, partners, associates, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Core Values

    Servant Leadership – Serve the common good
    Mastery – Great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity
    Advancement – Moving ahead and up the ladder of life
    Resourceful – The ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems
    Team Player – One that supports others close to them and helps them win