4 SEO tips: This is how brokers are at the top of Google

Online search engines are powerful, especially Google. A position in the front can quickly mean an increase in sales. We asked the SEO expert from media work berlin how brokers can do this.

With his search engine tips, brokers have the chance to get a big slice of the pie: SEO expert Marcus Krautkrämer from the consulting company media work berlin. Image: media work berlin

Everyone speaks of SEO (search engine optimization) or search engine optimization. Why is it so important?

A large number of people nowadays find out about products and services on the Internet. The first point of contact for many is Google. But how do people find my offer on Google? After all, there are tens of thousands of competitors on the market.

SEO is basically about positioning your website and the underlying products and services as presently and as long-term as possible in the Google search results, without having to invest a cent advertising budget. Present means that the website is listed among the top ten results for frequently searched keywords. Of all the online marketing measures, I think SEO is the most efficient. In contrast to paid advertising, such as ad banners, which are both expensive and usually intrusive, you catch potential customers at Google precisely when they are looking for a certain service. The customer comes to you and not you to the customer.

What specific benefits can SEO bring for insurance brokers?

I once worked in the field. The chances of getting a degree were always much higher when the customer approached me than the other way around. It is not for nothing that the big insurers invest a lot of resources to be at the forefront of Google. But as a regional insurance broker, do I have any chance against the big players? The answer is yes, definitely.

Like I did recently in a competition study on Google’s ability to find local insurance agencies showed, only a few insurers prove a good ranking in the regional Google search. Basically, the principle “David against Goliath” prevails. Means: The insurance broker based in Bielefeld has the same chances for good Google placements in Bielefeld as the representative office of a large insurer. For example, the potential of insurance-related services in combination with Bielefeld amounts to around 500 searches a month. If you occupy a top 3 position for most search terms – which is quite realistic – you can assume that you get around 30 to 40 percent of the cake. These potential customers are interesting not least because they represent a pure new customer business with an interest in insurance advice.

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