10 Advantages of ELearning in Education

Many medium-sized companies are currently faced with the challenge of dealing with the topic of e-learning. This applies to all industries that are affected by digitalization – from mechanical engineering to medical device manufacturers. Non-manufacturing companies such as clinics and hospitals also open themselves to this topic, because here too, digitization is moving in under keywords such as Hospital 4.0, telemedicine, electronic patient files, etc. Digitalization means that there is a need for training in all areas to make employees fit and to use the new opportunities efficiently and effectively. Training is more of a process than a one-off event because software is updated frequently and interface issues play an important role. Here, e-learning can play out its greatest advantage, namely permanent availability. But especially in the health sector, it is also about training managers, because in the next few years investment decisions in the billions for digitalization will have to be made. At the same time, management teams in clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities will guide digital work. Digital education can play an important role in the organization of digital change processes. Here is an overview of the most important advantages: The 10 most important advantages at a glance The following arguments relate to more effective …

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RPA for energy suppliers: Stadtwerke Neuss and develop an RPA solution

In cooperation with Stadtwerke Neuss (SWN), Another Monday has developed a customized RPA solution. Thanks to modern, robot-controlled process automation, human intervention when changing the counter becomes virtually redundant. In order to be able to correctly bill the energy consumption of their customers, energy suppliers juggle daily with numerous data records in different systems. To keep complexity and costs low, labor-intensive processes such as changing electricity meters are often outsourced to external service providers. Because the manual preparation of the relevant data from logs, the creation of counters in the supplier’s ERP system and the final change are real time wasters and cost drivers at the same time. Systems from energy suppliers are made for automation Counter changes pull a rat tail of administration behind it. This is partly due to the fact that this is not a one-off measure per customer. The correct calibration of an electricity meter can only be guaranteed for a certain period of time, which is why the meters must be replaced at regular intervals. Stadtwerke Neuss has so far outsourced this to a service provider who took care of changing the meter on site at the customer and transmitted all relevant data to the Stadtwerke. This was done in XML format, …

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